Welcome to the First Florida Chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association

We traditionally hold two rallies every year.  There are tanks, halftracks, jeeps, deuces, artillery pieces and Allied and Axis re-enactors engaging in realistic mock battles.  In addition, each event draws a large number of vendors of militaria, vehicles for sale and military vehicle parts.

The First Florida Chapter is a tax exempt, non-profit Educational 501(C)(3) charitable organization dedicated to supporting local and statewide military and veteran organizations and charities to preserve military history.

We are HISTORY IN MOTION.  Our members are dedicated to preserving the modern military vehicle history of the United States.  The First Florida Chapter is a leading state chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) .  The MVPA is an international organization that includes roughly 8000 members and nearly 100 affiliate groups in the United States and around the world.

Founded in 1982 by Earle Byers, our First Florida Chapter covers the entire State of Florida. It is divided into 7 Regions, each with a regional event coordinator. We currently have almost 400 active members with nearly as many vehicles as some members own more than one military vehicle.  In a “normal” year, our regional calendars lists over 200 events for our members to participate in each year.